Have a real profesional lisenced japanese Shiatsu session in the center of Málaga city.

I graduated from the Japan Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Moxibustion College of Tokyo

I can help in cases like lack of energy, stress, pain control, sports injuries and many more situations.

session fees are as follow:

Miroku session (50min) 40€  *combined shiatsu and other manual techniques, such as : http://mirokuterapia.com/en/treatments/
Shiatsu session (60mn) 50€
Acupuncture session (50mn) 50€

*Fees are paid in cash or cheque in euros at the end of the session. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please contact us for an appointment or further details.
quick reply!

Whatssapp/text : 633 204 800
e-mail : info@mirokuterapia.com

Mon-Fri       9:00-19:00
Sat           9:00 -17:00


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